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Vampire Dreams

I often get lost in magical dreams

By The Sinister PenPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

Vampyre Dreams.... I am neither living nor dead... but you never want to get lost in my head

My soul comes from another time and place, and i crossed realms to find my destiny...

but perhaps I am trapped in this world for a moment..

Haunted by the one I could not stop dreaming about

at times things never make sense

are these mere illusions ?

or vampyre Dreams full of magic ?

Life, time and the universe was something that would be bent to out will..

a magician who once danced with you on water...

Not everything is at it seems..

and tonight I fly in more Vampyre dreams.. but

maybe if you see you kept seeing in that dream...

That dream where my heart was no longer filled with sorrow and darkness... where i only felt perfect happiness...

but then i woke up...

maybe we were together in another life?

But i'll never stop to dream for as my soul flies in

Vampyre dreams.. i am one with the Universe once again...

my true essence an endless jigsaw shrouded in mystery

that few would ever solve...

performance poetry

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