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Vacation Runaway

by Savanah Dragsters 4 years ago in love poems
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A Poem

It dropped,

I heard it hit the floor,


I slid my chair back,

It sounded like nails on a chalkboard.

I stepped back,

Clash, I bumped into her

Mom looks at me with an angry face,

I lashed out,

Threw the door,


I raced down a long staircase,

I reached the bottom,

Sand flying in my face as I run down the beach,

Water hits my toes,

Smack I fell,

As I get up I see a heart print in the sand from where my butt once laid,

I realized I made a huge mistake,

I start to look around,

Was it this way,

Not that way,

I remembered this,

I am going in circles,

Where am I,

I sniffed,



I look out at the ocean,

It was golden,

The sun looked as if it was diving into the water,

I have to get home!

I looked over and there was the huge staircase,

Leading to my mom and grandma,

Mom looks at me with a face,


Tears come sliding down her face,

Lands on her lips,

As she rubs them together like she just put on chapstick,

Her face has dots from her crying,

Her eyes are more blue than ever,

Her open arms,

The movement in her face as she runs tord me, the dinging coming from her wrist,

She pounds into me,

I grasped her arms,

She whispered “why did you run away”

“I thought you would never love me again”

“I will always love you Savanah"

love poems

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Savanah Dragsters

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