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Words front Adversity

By Francis LPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Alizée (Alizée Jacotey) interpreting "A Contre-Courant" ("Upstream"),2003

Upstream universes

Overturned emphases

Not for lasting breezes

Let me there try new things

Innovate with full wings

Spread my current feelings

Time runs - I manage lines

Heads down - I draw - dawn shines

Words leave - endless glee fines

As balloons stroke above

One random circling dove

My curves will share love

"A Conte-Courant", Mickaël Pouvin, live session (2021) - Song written in 2019 onto the album "Eternel" ("Eternal")

Love your life - Love your self

Tell us news from your shelf

Lift them on air yourself

With power - Audacity

Upstream fraternity

Off ground of gravity

I smile to liberty

Seek for equality

Front this adversity

Please be simply you

As year yearns - Just be true

So the wind warring you

Will - ending to pursue

The path followed by you

Then upstream will take last

The way brought - front - up fast

Story n°63 was submitted on 15 January, 2022.


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