Untitled Lost

by Wendell Morris 2 years ago in art

Many loses came during the reign of the gods, Icarus being one of them.

Untitled Lost

As I studied Pieter Bruegul the Elder's poem "Landscape With The Fall Of Icarus," I gathered what I could take from this story in pause, realizing there maybe a bigger story to it all. There are many theories of Icarus and how he fell.

Spring though it felt not

Heat between two entities

One longing for a difference

As failure reeks from the water

Icarus a lost angel

falls forever into the abyss

The farmer equal to him

who dreams of discoveries

oblivious to the waves of Icarus

differed dreams crushed into the abyss

melted with wings

falls forever into the abyss

The land calmer than leaves

where lied anxious hearts that shook like winded trees

forever into the abyss

Godly made for human wrath

Escape infinite punishment a fallen task

forever into the abyss

Oh Naïve young Icarus change is only by the hands of a god

Not by the wings of a man

Surely this is odd

Everything that should be is not...

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