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By sandy!Published 14 days ago 1 min read
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april is here, and its raining today. with the rain comes the overbearing clouds and then i get that heavy feeling in my chest. i don't know how to not let my emotions consume me, wether it be love or despair. my mind is a twisted place but its beautiful. its complex. esoteric.

my greatest weakness is you. im an overthinker you see, i will try to find every reason to be unhappy because most times i feel that its undeserved. and ill wait for things to get bad again and somehow feel more comfortable in it. i dont want to ruin this because i probed too deeply into the unknown and let the pessimistic side of myself come out to play. shes never invited but shes always waiting.

will you take me as i am? will you look into my eyes and see the desolation behind them? can you see me at my worst and still love me? am i at your disposal? i truly dont know what i want, and i dont think i will in this lifetime or the next. i think every version of me will remain indecisive eternally.

the rain will pass and the sun will rise and ill keep trying.

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trying to find my place in this world

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  • Esala Gunathilake13 days ago

    I also wrote a poem like this. However this is very heartfelt!

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