Untitled 27

by E. Lizbet 2 years ago in heartbreak

A Poem

Untitled 27

i always wanted to be strong

strong enough to fight my enemies

strong enough to make them see

strong enough to own myself

but not strong enough

that someone couldn't hold me

down at their whim

i wanted this, i know it

i hate to admit it

this is the biggest thing

in my life that i must leave

behind me, just a dust bunny

it's a slaveholder

a whip with barbs

a cage and kennel and prison

it stops my evolution

it stagnates me in love

it straps me down and says 'be silent'

and i'll never be able to leave

if i don't shed this now

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E. Lizbet

i write life down, as dirty and rotten as possible. most of my pictures are old from when i was in a different space. the thing i am most afraid of, is falling into a stable life.

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