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By Isis Lyons Published 12 months ago 1 min read

My heart big as fuck,

I guess that’s just my luck.

Too sweet turned into too mean

Too loving turned into too hateful.

I never could be in between,

I either love you or hate you.

Not tryna be mean,

But I love hard, which means I get hurt even harder.

I cry even harder.

Tears fall down easier.

I don’t want to be a people pleaser.

I’m done catering to your every need.

Oh now you plead?

Oh wow damn near surprised me!

Thought you didn’t care about me.

How does it take three hours to text me back?

Bitch this boat is under attack.

Communication is what you lack.

I don’t want yo dumbass back.

Damn why the fuck do I keep lying?

I mean I keep replying…

I mean I don’t know.

Do I want you or, no?

Shi I don’t know we’ve only been talking for three days.

But I already love you in so many ways.

I know it may seem weird and naive.

But I thought I was wifey.

I thought we were so right together.

But feelings switch up like the weather.

One minute a person can be so into you,

But the next minute they won’t even talk to you.

I guess that’s why I’m just going to focus on myself.

I’m just going to continue growing my wealth.

I’m not saying I won’t speak to you, I’m just saying after this poem is done,

I won’t be on your every run.

I’ll be by myself smoking a blunt.

I’ll ignore you like a cunt.

I’ll talk to you only when I feel like it.

I’ll talk to you only when I want to play with it.

If you can’t keep your promises I can’t keep mine either.

You can’t keep nothin from me; I’m a mind reader.

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Isis Lyons

I am extremely passionate about all things writing. If you enjoy any of my stories please stay tuned and subscribe. I would really appreciate it.

Instagram; @isisthepoeticgod


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