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The art that is called me


By Isis Lyons Published 12 months ago 1 min read

I don’t need anyone

I want to say sometimes people go

But the truth is people always come and they always go

To tell you the truth I don’t know which way to go

Cus even kind hearted people like me become low.

My mind wants to overthink the situation

My heart can’t take this shit no mo

All the highs and lows

It’s just this roller coaster we call life

It’s just medicine to hide behind the truth

Truth is none of it is real

The only thing that’s real is what you feel

So I’ll just cruise around these broken emotions

I’ll sail on top of the broken pieces of my heart

I’ll ride this thing until everything falls apart

Then I’ll see how easily it all comes together

Everything surrounding me is tied to a feather

I go where the wind blows me

I’m just connected to the weather

I just want to be loved

But that responsibility isn’t on another

I been learning how to uplift the parts of me that others call crazy,

That others call irrational.

I’m just tired of being practical.

I want to see something magical.

Lord knows I believe,

What I perceive is half of what we’ll ever be

Trying to find a solution,

But there is none

I shouldn’t be saying sorry for who I am

And who I will never be.

I want to say this will be my last time apologizing

But who knows what that’ll bring.

I’m not sure if I’d be telling the truth

Kind of feeling sorry for existing

Kind of want to go “POOF”

Fly away and never come back here to stay.

We can be so cruel

We can be so evil,

And when we choose to be something beautiful

It’s still not enough

People will tell you not to smile so much

Not to be so loud

Not to gather a crowd.

Not to be yourself.

But I never listen,

These bruises on my soul

These heart aches

Are just the details that created the art that is called me

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Isis Lyons

I am extremely passionate about all things writing. If you enjoy any of my stories please stay tuned and subscribe. I would really appreciate it.

Instagram; @isisthepoeticgod


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    Isis Lyons Written by Isis Lyons

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