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Here on my own

By Isis Lyons Published 12 months ago 1 min read

I do this on and on and on.

can’t remember the day that I was born.

born with the devil’s scorn on my back.

I was judged,

I had stones thrown at my back.

I was alone.

No one ever had my back.

No love,

I guess everyone had to lack.

No direction,

You have to be on track.

I never listened,

That’s only a fucking fact.

You’re always in your head,

You have to get on with that.

Stay in the moment,

You have to let go of all of that.

Stop complaining,

There’s no time for chat.

Stop worrying,

There’s no time for that.

Be happy,

You don’t need any of that.

Materialistic, all you want is to have.

Then you get it and question everything you don’t have.


That’s who you really are.

What you really want is not too far.

What you really want is love,

But you feel like you’re not up to par.

You feel like you don't deserve it or you’re not worthy of it.

I’m here to tell you that you are.

I’m here to tell you you’re a star.

I’m divine

All I do is shine

I be making these low lives blind

All I ever do is work for mine

Can’t play around with a jigga

That’s just wasting time

I’m getting bigga,

becoming better

Found treasure

In my soul

Now I work on my goals

Planting seeds across my mind

People say happiness is hard to find

I say anger is hard to maintain

I’m cooling, ridin in my lane

Don’t have time to complain

I hop in the rain,

I laugh through the pain.

I’m too strong for this game,

I don’t give a crap about the fame

I never worry about a lame

I’ve been trained for this

To live in my bliss

Not to give a crap.

I’m too lit,

I’m too fly,

I’m high in the sky

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Isis Lyons

I am extremely passionate about all things writing. If you enjoy any of my stories please stay tuned and subscribe. I would really appreciate it.

Instagram; @isisthepoeticgod


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    Isis Lyons Written by Isis Lyons

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