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by James U. Rizzi 4 months ago in love poems
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What’s this feeling?

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash

What's the best way to confirm the existence of the unknown?

The unknown I speak.

Is love I think?

Or is it the soul?

Does it make me feel less?

Did it make me feel whole?

There you sat an island away

Misty gray eyes that hid pleasant lies

A fateful endeavor that led through the never

Was it fate? Was it destiny?

If so why’d it get the best of me

I gave you my all


I told you I won


I gifted, I listened, I gave

Oh how sweet

If this new love you found

was so profound

Why'd you lead me on like a sack of shit

Im done I suppose im completely over it

If that was the case

Why was there still ache

It resides in my heart

A feeling I can't shake

You can't lose something if you never had it?

The best way to confirm the existence of the unknown

Is to recognize its absence.

love poems

About the author

James U. Rizzi

I cant wait to see what I can create here.

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