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Unforged Hammers and Braille

hope for the hopeless

By Jeffrey SparksPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 1 min read
Unforged Hammers and Braille
Photo by L K H T K on Unsplash

Time is turning crimson

Standing fast and refusing to clot

Hourglasses that fill with sanguine

Keep soaking our paths with rot

Our light begins to yield

The stars themselves hide behind a veil

Darkness waits patiently

As we hold ideas in braille

Hope takes its final breath

Because aid was placed in idle hands

Urizen fathered jealous deaths

His acolytes blasphemed his plans

If only someone could find Los

But his forge only gathers dust

Albion’s children must all weep

For him and his anvils succumb to rust

Where is the wisdom of the ages?

The compass which points to the heart

Destined to doom gods of chaos

Before such tragedies could start

Veritas knows time is running out

And Aequitas must fight the same

A balanced scale as her symbol

Her cornucopia now a sword of flame


We are opposed to the dying of the light

We keep the stars fixed in our minds

We hold tight to the messages given—

the ones we read when we were blind

We will answer your calls for aid

Apply tourniquets to bleeding wounds

And with a flaming sword in hand

We’ll see justice forestall our doom

And if we are to meet our maker

Know our efforts were not stale

So please pass this message to our heirs

Along with Unforged Hammers and Braille

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Jeffrey Sparks

Adversity is kindling I choose to burn to keep my hands warm in winter ensuring my words will stretch beyond the years that turn my bones to dust.

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