Anyone is hard.


You can have anyone in your lifeAnd still not really even know them,Or truly even understand them,

Its frustrating, everyone keeps changing,

In general I feel we all are like a book,

We can leave you feeling puzzled,

But you still want to know more,

You can keep reading,

Or just get annoyed and throw the book down,

Giving up cause its just to hard,

Even trying to understand it

People close them selves off,

Out of anger, frustration,

If you are like me,

You hate knowing that anyone is hurting inside,

But they wont even let you in.

I hate the feeling of giving up,

On anyone, because I would hope,

That no one would give up ever on me,

How else can you reach them?

If things start getting extreme.

How does it work?
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Crystal Korpan
I recently published my poems at Pagemaster Publishing my book is called Different sides of me. https://pagemasterpublishing.ca/shop/crystal-korpan/different-sides-of-me/?ref=158 Thank you for enjoying my words .

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