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A Poem About Love



Love destroys

And love creates

Only sometimes,

it creates cruelty rather than conviviality

And destroys delight rather than depression


Love is a raging pit of fire

It either kills you when you desire it

Or entrances you staring into it

Only sometimes

it does both

And that's when the real burns set in


Love is never what you want

You're a child with a toy who wants nothing more

Than to own the superior toy possessed

by another who you learn to despise

And with hate in your eyes, you end things

Because yours will never be as good as theirs


You can't stop feelings

They'll chase you, haunt you, control you

And you won't want to run anymore

You won't want to admit that although it hurts,

You found it, and many times you'll find that you are in a place where

you need it


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Kitty <3

I am a girl who has struggled with many issues in my life, including identity, and multiple mental health problems. I write as an outlet and to reach others who are having the same experiences as me so they know they aren't alone.

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