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Twilight's Embrace

*In the gentle transition from day to night, twilight's beauty reveals the world's hidden mysteries and serene magic.*

By MillenaPublished about a month ago 1 min read

In the quiet whisper of twilight's gentle hand,
A dance of shadows on the silvered land.
Daylight's fervor fades to night's embrace,
As stars emerge, each finding its place.

The sky, a canvas of purples and blues,
Bears witness to the sun's adieu.
Soft whispers of the wind through trees,
A lullaby carried on the evening breeze.

Mountains bathed in a dusky glow,
Reflect the secrets only twilight knows.
Mysteries linger in the fading light,
As day surrenders to the night.

In twilight's arms, the world seems still,
A moment suspended, a tranquil thrill.
Here, where day and night softly meet,
Life's essence feels bittersweet.

Through twilight's veil, dreams ignite,
A bridge between the dark and light.
This fleeting time, a precious gift,
Where thoughts and hearts in silence lift.

So cherish the twilight, soft and serene,
A fleeting glimpse of the in-between.
For in its gentle, calming grace,
We find a touch of celestial space.

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Um escritor pode ser o melhor guia neste caminho mais difícil chamado vida.

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    MillenaWritten by Millena

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