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the truth

By DarkosPublished 3 months ago 2 min read
by me 2023 november

Scattered mind scattered words fears coming not knowing from where

information out of the universe hidden in my neurones waves and paths knowing it all I still went on as human after all

carrying it all I broke two toes

crushed on the frame of bed with my left hand

I screamed from pain inside and out I had never felt such a strong crush

running fast jumping fast It wasnt wise

but It was a fear dark at night a rush

I thought it cant be worse than that

hahahaha now I laugh

but It wasnt that fun


2 seconds and bah ! bah !


no way!

no quitting way!

You cant run away

from what lives in Your heart and veins

in every cell

to serve

but before all

deeply heal yourself

however you truly want !

believe it or not this new way new approach really does work

and it feels different

it heals different

deeper from the roots

much deeper and beyond it all

but thats just one layer of life

the insider health

there is also much more

like emotional and chronic physical pain caused by environment

to heal it all You need to go on with the same form for quite a long until it will finally let go and transform

there is also the highly sensitive aspect of it all for this you need to use what helped and still helps before and all of the new resources that You will find really do work to feel the ground

there is also another layer of your connection to the ones who passed away

there are some practices that help to go through this pain on earth

and there are others that will bring you a way if you need if you want the soul to leave your body or a space

some even live for you to guide you through life as highly sensitive or empath the real ones you will feel the connection kind of strong even not knowing them on earth

you are also able to know the stars and their character in another human and their life sometimes some are ghostly the shadow ones but they act from the dark like giants bringing the lightness and the light some are tall some are small they all have a different mission in their heart and soul

still as human as they are you need to watch out because the world where

as highly sensitive and through practice you are in the world and people are not exactly the same kind of a film

but it does feel so good to connect from this line to the life of another one intact with mine it does feel as One as harmony as a great balance

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Human : painter, digital art maker, sound composer, poet, writer, qigong healer & trainer

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    This is extremely true and very powerful! Hope you're doing well!

  • Naveed 3 months ago

    It is well written and informative.

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