My poem


When I was a little boy, I knew something about me is so unique,

I was admired to the beauty legends like Diana, Whitney and Dominique.

I have the uniqueness, talent, FIERCE, & intelligence,

But glad I don't have any ignorance, bitterness, sorrow & irrelevance.

Throughout my childhood, I have to played the part that I am not,

To pleased the society around me so they won't treated me like a robot.

It took me a lifetime to deepen myself a little more of who I am,

Preppy, thug, & straight boy image begins to fade & totally a scam.

I was thinking about to becoming a transgender Queen, Gwynne,

It will take a lot of encouragement from myself to shine within.

I am a double threat of my being the world will finally see,

I am also not just a born phenomenal man,

But a fabulous woman with male parts in me.

Always love yourself & others will follow,

Forgot about the haterization of prejudicism from their envy & shallow.

5/30/19 @ 11:00pm

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