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By Abigail WanjiruPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

Upon a bed of soft and deep shadows, a soul reflects, keeping it's final secret.

Memories unfold like treasures in quiet moments, each tale told.

The breaths grow faint, and the eyes reflect a well-worn trace.

Thoughts flutter and soar like butterflies, revisiting chapters and opening doors.

Regrets may linger like ghosts in the mist, yet gratitude blooms as a tender twist for the love embraced and lessons learned.

Each thread earned in the tapestry of life, faces of loved ones etched in the heart, an eternal shrine.

The echoes of laughter, the touch of a hand, a lifetime's mosaic intricate and grand.

The ticking clock is an impartial guide, in this sacred moment where worlds collide.

Acceptance rises like a serene tide, as the soul prepares for the final ride.

Reflections emerge like a silent swan in the dance between dusk and dawn.

A life well-lived is a bittersweet song in the thoughts of a serene and strong person.

As the curtain falls and shadows blend, a spirit departs on a journey to transcend.

In the hush of farewells, a symphony's hum, a soul departs its earthly anthem.

sad poetry

About the Creator

Abigail Wanjiru

Exploring the shadows of the soul through verses that bleed ink. 🖋️ | Conjuring darkness into poetry | Embracing the beauty in the obscure | #DarkVerse 🔮✨"

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  • Anna 20 days ago

    Another beautiful poem! I love it!

  • This was a very melancholic and poignant poem! I loved it!

  • Naveed 3 months ago

    Your ability to express emotions through writing is truly remarkable.

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