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Towering Friends

by Kevin Tennert 12 months ago in surreal poetry

Reaching for the Skies

Their birth is magnificent, they have many features

Much to the delight of its countless preachers

A crane was put together, to look after its care

It helped it gently as it grew into the air.

Each one was special in a way

They all had their different calendar day

There was a celebration, they had their fun

They didn’t acknowledge the occasional cost-overrun.

They’re the faces of many large cities, it isn’t a ruse

It’s their hegemonic value no one could ever refuse

They stand there with a purpose, they are so gallant

Not every building has this, it’s a raw talent.

They’re so tall, they can touch the sky

Their impression is great, they could mystify

They symbolize wealth and great power

It was enough to make your stomach go sour.

You entered its lobby with a nice greet

You were now a member of a grand elite

It carried you up freely without hesitation

The response was quick with a fiery temptation.

The award was well worth it, it was such a grand

Prepare to be congratulated with your own brass-band

You’re in their world now, take your place

You will enjoy the lovely showcase.

surreal poetry

About the author

Kevin Tennert

I think expressing yourself in fundamental and categorical topics help create a more transparent, concise, and educational environment. For me, I like to explain key issues that dominate current events in society and encourage dialogue.

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