Too Young to be Old

by Kylee Orozco 10 months ago in sad poetry

A Poem

Too Young to be Old


Is not just a word.

It's sort of a sardonic smile,

because the world you now know

is sadly not what you approve of.

So you go to the guy on that street corner

wearing a shirt that says life,

and you turbulently chuck lemons at him.


Is knowing that female villains exist.

Because it's the dinner you slowly eat

knowing your mother has poisoned the food.

And the male villain,

dad letting you eat it.


Is knowing the meaning of life.

Which I'm not going to tell you.


Is knowing that we all die anyway.

So instead of writing

high school English essays,

start brainstorming on your will


Is growing up,

Way too fast.

sad poetry
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Kylee Orozco

My world is filled with Observance and Thought, deep thought. I choose to write what's real to me and what's the truth. Sometimes the truth is best not told in its entirety but my truth is, I am in love with the art of the mind and writing.

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