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We have been walking for decades. Together. Separate.

By E.A. WilcoxPublished 3 years ago 2 min read
Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash

We have been walking for decades.



Towards freedom or a view of it.

We have been seeking each other -

Unsure of how deep we are in the midst of it.

Deep in the thick of it.

We’ve been marching for centuries.


Are we free?

Are we free forever?

Fighting for rights we obtain from one foot to the other.

Bound by sakeness.

Unlike any diversity.

From the top of the hill we’re flying like birds.


Do we listen with open ears?

Outside the windows we hear our neighbor’s fears.

Unwinded and unattached.

Singing the songs of silent attacks.

Do you wonder if you’re listening with open ears?


Were we told we are doing the right thing?

Because it is the right thing?

Or is it because of the fuzzy feeling?

Trapped inside our echo chamber -

Behind us - the incinerator.


Are we free?



Wondering which way we go.

Will go.

Can go.

Hurrying behind our shadows, we can’t keep up with our own.


We might fall behind.

Are we listening with open ears?

Asking the right questions?

Is “why” really the right one?

Falling out with generations we can’t stop a cycle of excommunication.


Blank stares.

Block users.

Yes you’re free but what are you choosing?

What are you choosing?

Blustery winds of change may come.

Cold as souls behind their outstretched thumbs.

Up or down?


Free forever?

Free forever.

Free forever!



Did we build walls?

Erect a fortress or did we set boundaries?

Are we listening with open ears?

Loving with unbent hearts?

Are we echoing forward moving?

Are we found in the sound of none?


Songs of_

Songs of hope.

Lean in with an open ear.

To your neighbor’s unsettled fears.

Silent attacks make noise in this valley-

We are here for you.

We are near to you.


We are together.

Not seperate.

Walking towards forever now.

Towards unknown terrain ,

Unknown territory.



We are walking together.

By Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash

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