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To You (Fantasy Man)


To You (Fantasy Man)
Peace and Blessings

I know it's not Love,

But it's a whole lot of liking.

The little things about you

Are the things that strike me.

Your face is too sexy

Even with your eyes closed.

Your smile illuminates my insides;

The chip tooth makes it glow.

Your laughter puts a smile on my face.

Your nakedness makes me wet.

I anticipate on hearing you talk,

Just to hear what comes out next.

When you dance I see happiness in you.

You're also kindhearted in a lot that you do.

The ideas that you have

If you put them to work

It will definitely make you shine.

Your tight hugs and passionate kisses

Wants me to want you to always be mine.

The way you respect your mother

Lets me know

You can be a good man.

Your toughness and roughness

Reminds me of my 1st Man.

I was not in your past

I don't know who will be in your future.

I don't know how long we will last

I wanted to write a poem to you.

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Arkita Hammond
Arkita Hammond
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Arkita Hammond

I've always loved writing. It allows me to express my inner thoughts. I used to be afraid to let people read my writings because I didn't want to be criticized on something so personal. I'm more open now. Welcome to my Mind!!

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