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To: You

by Incipient Poet 4 years ago in sad poetry
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Love: Narcotics

Hey pretty girl won't you come my way?

I can show you the meaning of living life for today.

I can become the love of your life,

Over the course of only one night.

You'll be the cereal in my spoon,

You'll be consumed much too soon.

I'm fishing for you,

Hook, line, and sinker!

I'm a smooth talker,

And you are a vulnerable thinker.

A looker like me can't go to waste,

And I'm sure you're curious for just one taste.

and now that you've had me,

go on have some more!

I'll have you addicted to inhaling my scent,

and when you are trying to sleep I'll be in your head.

we are the tragic love story that never ends.

You know that love story Shakespeare wrote?

Yea, that's how this one ends.

but no matter what I say now you are mine,

and I will remaining stinging chemicals in your mind.

And I will make you sweat and shake ALL THE DAMN TIME.

You need me now like I need you,

We need each other you know we do.

I know you love my dancing flames underneath your spoon.

and I know that you both love and hate all the things I do to you,

and the way it feels when I delve into you.

We both know I'm your weak spot,

No curves for you my lines get you hot.

No porn for you, my powder hit the spot.

I see both the emptiness and torment in your eyes.

And it makes me pleased to dominate you,

and you don't even realize.

Or maybe you do,

but the pain gets you off too.

And you won't be able to stop it,

Because I've got you in my pocket.

Possessed like Quirrel with Voldemort,

I will make you reform and distort.

And if you ever escape,

and you'll be bruised, strung out and sore,

And show up at some old friend or family's door,

Do you really think they'd even recognize you anymore?

Hey pretty girl won't you come my way?..



~ Blu

sad poetry

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