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To the Roof Dancer

by KuroHoshi 5 months ago in inspirational
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0. Something I need to say to my past, my homecoming

To the Roof Dancer
Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

I can see from down here

How you kept your virtues and truth

Your pact of our Youth

Yet somehow crave the applause

Still listening to what you have consumed

You've been crowned, loved

But you boarded up and wanting to become this nasty tune

You are among the stars instead you stare into the void below

You crazy cosmonaut, I know you hate the attention

Redemption will not appear on this roof

nor the people you see

It's inside of you

I know you don't feel purpose, you hear bells ringing

A dark cloak from a distance

You've overcome this before

Can't you hear me?

I know you've gained wings

You believe you can do anything

You can save them all, you just have to fall

You have to give yourself away piece by piece

day by day, without reason, without care

That's the most dangerous thing, is when you love

One day you'll feel weightless from following

You'll crumble with this house, you will never learn from these whispers

Your mind will collapse, ideas will shrink, and then you'll suffer alone

I can feel your act, your masquerade through the ages

Even though I'm the shadow of the future

You were the light of the my past

For we were a star first before anything.

You will heal, then rise above the titles you were given


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A Poet, An Artist, and the person who tries to become a living star

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