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How I came to be

By KuroHoshiPublished 3 years ago 2 min read
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Through many nights we survived

We created kingdoms of colors and wild smiles

We had systems in the clouds, flying like no tomorrow

It was our escape to a place we made

I held this place special to me every day, it was my hidden passion

I was a servant, not a god, or something divine

I was just there, demons weren't even thinking about rising

Everything was there, nothing was breaking

Then the constellations fell

Heaven crumble with the cracked morning sun

While the moon gain a dark shade and put strings around my world

The kingdoms burned and ooze out their colors

Rapid screaming can be heard

The heroes I once knew rushed into the skies only to come back as shadows

I fell with them trying to save them when we hit the soggy dirt

I held my body against the forces of nature

I wore their armor thinking I could save them

As they all stab me in the back

Giving me metal wings

Altas all this rusted within time, I stand so long against it all alone

I died in the snow, thinking I could just let go

but I pushed forward to beyond my grave

The people I once knew, gone

Now only monsters who craved colors were here

I still cared about them within this rusted suit, I thought I could fix them

Soon, I didn't, ashamed to start over again

I built a house of memories, pictures of a better time

When I was vulnerable they invaded, they didn't know better

I sit on this rooftop, playing with fate while in a straight jacket

A paper bag over my head, but it couldn't cover the emotions

They are like static, crashing and making little sounds and lights

Within the static, my mind replays the words and videos of the past

So much I still move like it once was

It was entertainment to them under the fluorescent lights

It was like watching a moth burn in agony

for which I was never a butterfly soaring into the sun

I was homestuck, homebound, in my own home coming

The only way I thought of depleting their carnage

I needed them, as much as they needed me

I knew then if I could be of any real help

I couldn't be a hero, an angel, or anything good

I would have to be a monster

even if I didn't want to

sad poetry

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A Poet, An Artist, and the person who tries to become a living star

I write the about the creatures from underneath my mind

Some are happy, others are truthful, but I'll let you decide what's their fate

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