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To The Lady In the Mirror

An Epistolary Sonnet

By KiKi WalterPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Dear Lady In the Mirror,

O! Lady In the Mirror, eyes so sad

Staring ahead, what are you looking at?

It can't be so, your reflection that bad

Well, maybe that chin hair, soft like a cat.

Lady In the Mirror, who do you see

A trollop of a cow, soft but demure?

The young Flibbertigibbet that's in thee?

You tell me no, but you don't seem so sure

Do you truly think that you look so old

And no man will give you but a mere glance

Lady, what troubling lies have you been sold

Your smile shines, cheeks glow, and those eyes—they dance!

And your reflection couldn't be clearer

O, my sad-eyed Lady In the Mirror.


The Lady on the Other Side of the Mirror

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About the Creator

KiKi Walter

I am The Memoir Queen...

Writer. Editor. Memoirist. Humorist. Born and raised in the Adirondacks—now living in Orange County, CA. I love nostalgia and have a snarky sense of humor. My writing influences are David Sedaris and Dorothy Parker.

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    KiKi WalterWritten by KiKi Walter

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