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To T From G

by Creative Hub 5 years ago in love poems
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George Hiegel

My heart was encased in darkness

Until I met you, my love

And you broke through the hard shell

That had me black and blue

And pulled me into the warming light

I haven't had such feelings for so long

I thought they'd deserted me for good

But then you and I crossed life paths

At a particular place and time

Chance or fate, who has the wisdom to say

But I know, yes, I do know

My heart is warm from loving you

And this is true even if you and I

Never join as one united soul

Yes, there are difficulties and dilemmas

In our walking hand in hand

Together through a shared life of love

There are things and circumstances

Which might seem like impenetrable walls

Invincible barriers keeping us apart

But you and I both know deep inside of us

The most gratifyingly substantial achievements

Are the ones thought impossible or near so

With opposing odds as high as a giraffe's tapered neck

So, I will say to you here, as I have in the past

I love you as I have loved no other woman before

I love you as no other man has loved you before

And this is true and will remain so for as long

As I draw breath upon the sacred ground

On this holy place lying deep inside my soul

Which cannot be seen with the outward eye

Which you, my love, have given to me

It is a gift like no other ever known

And if, the impossible ever becomes possible

It is a gift I will give to you in return

With all, I have, with all I am, with all I'll ever be.

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