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To: Narcotics

by Incipient Poet 4 years ago in inspirational

Hate: Me

Honestly everything you wrote sounded really creepy,

Yet I've got goosebumps as you sink in my veins deeply.

Because even though you scare me,

I need to feel you in me.

Because once I'd had a taste,

Or maybe just a look.

I knew i needed you,

And that you had got me hooked.

I despise myself for loving you,

And for drawing me in.

I should have seen how this was turning,

And how we'd have a tragic end.

Yet when you referred to me as Juliet,

I laughed.

You're not my Romeo?!

I took that poison, and I took that knife,

But you moved on to end another life.

My friend helps me pack my bags

They say we need time apart.

But even behind locked glass doors,

It's still your name carved within my heart.

The longer I sit here alone without you,

Cold sweats,

Me and this hospital blanket,

In a cold empty room.

I realize it is true,

That once fallen for you

You'll have no one, no one recognizes you.

And the more I start to resent you,

I start plotting my revenge against you.

And the biggest revenge is success,

So that's exactly what I'll do.

And its funny how you mentioned Voldemort and harry,

The fight between them

went a chunk of his life which is pretty scary

But once I think about how it relates

the more encouraged I become.

You see he fought for a extent of his life,

And once he finally knew one night ,

That to demolish Voldemort

He'd have to end a part of his own life.

So I will kill all the pieces of me attached to you

Get on my hypogriff and soar away from you,

I will live in the skies if I have to

That is how much space I want between me

And your dancing flames under my spoon

That spoons in the ground

and I'm not coming down

Because once I take flight i will soar into the night

And take my place in the sky

Where you can never take away my shining light.



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