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To My Body

I wrote this about my chronic pain, and the complex emotions I have around my body. I'm trying to feel empathy for myself, and it's hard.

By Ash TaylorPublished 7 months ago 1 min read
To My Body
Photo by Ekaterina Kuznetsova on Unsplash

To My Body:

Do you remember when we were little, when we would run and play with reckless abandon?

How we rolled down hills and skipped though grass,

The way we spun in the sunlight until sky and earth blurred into one?

We have not been friends in a while, you and I.

We have waged war against each other for years – our shape, our size, our sex. This has taken its toll.

You have begged me, “rest, for I am weary.”

In turn I called you weak when you were strong.

There is only so much strength one alone can muster.

You have carried me from the innocence of youth, kept me safe, kept me alive.

This too, has taken its toll.

Like the crumbling foundations of a poorly laid house you are bending beneath the weight of a burden I cannot lay to rest.

You do not understand that we cannot stop.

With each painful step I hear you beg, I hear you cry: please, let me rest.

I hear you, but I cannot. We cannot.

Bruised, broken, and battle weary we must carry on.

We must.

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About the Creator

Ash Taylor

Lover of fantasy and all things whimsical. Currently studying Writing and Publishing at UNE in Armidale, Australia. Living on Anaiwan land.


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  • kp28 days ago

    really lovely. thank you for sharing.

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