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To Be Alchemy

A Scorn Identity - #1

By House September Published 2 years ago 1 min read
To Be Alchemy
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I want to be magic - I am not.

I am crafted by alchemy,

but unable to bestow,

pleasures onto others unless reserved for opportune occasions


I am a prospector to all things wicked.

Cast a chant and you’ll be led astray.

You can be crafted of latex, or crafted of petals,

I see no difference.


I have summoned a new magic.

Peeled back by spells and expose my tree roots.

I have found the unsought,

banished away the familiar.


See me in my new wickedness.

I am latex and petals.

I am what you see me as.

I am for a moment – magic.

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About the Creator

House September

We’ll play with each other’s broken hearts. Let us exchange our pieces like trading cards.

I’m too bored to notice, and you are too high to notice the air beneath your feet.

I have poems to share.

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    House September Written by House September

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