Thoughts on My Mind

by Peggy Butler 2 years ago in love poems

5 AM is only for lovers.

Thoughts on My Mind

It’s 11 AM

I’m thinking about your smile, how it pushes your cheeks to your eyes.

It’s 3 PM

I’m thinking about your eyes, how when I saw them, it became my new favourite colour.

It’s 9 PM

I’m thinking about your hair, how you could open any door with one small touch.

It’s 4 AM

I’m thinking about us, how we will never


It’s 11 AM.


What I could have missed

It's 5 AM

The sun has started to creep up.

The birds haven't been quiet all night.

I hear people getting in their cars

and going to work.

Mothers are being woken up by

their child who has just slept through the night.

People are stumbling after a wild night

ready to fall into bed.

Lovers are waking up early to surprise

their partners with breakfasts.

Families are in the waiting rooms

ready to discover the gender of the newest member.

People are finishing work

others are making coffee to start their day.

Some slept through the night

some were more productive

than they are in the light.

Distant friends say goodnight as

the other says goodmorning.

There's so much I could have missed

if I wasn't awake at 5 AM.

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Peggy Butler
Peggy Butler
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