This Was Us

by Jessica Snow 2 years ago in sad poetry

© Jessica Snow; 2017

This Was Us

Holding hands and making jokes,Using ketchup as face paints while strangers watch,Before that, proposing under a bridge, on a pile of rocks,Remember how this was us?

Happy hearts and smiling lips,Wrestling on the floor, ending it with kisses,Slipping the new ring on my lonely finger,Remember how this was us?

Our first fight... a misunderstanding,Your other side, like a roaring fire,My nature to calm him, like ice to flame,Remember how this was us?

Our second fight... a misunderstanding,A misplacement of simple words,Leading to a roaring afternoon...Remember how this was us?

You left me, I died, you enjoyed your time,Months of chaos and terror flew by...But you gave me another chance.Remember how this was us?

Late nights, talking, your feelings flow,And I bask in the trust, I heal your hurt,I see forever deep in your eyes...Remember how this was us?

Planning the names of our children...What our home will look like,What my cooking will taste like,Remember how this was us?

Alive and well... smiling and loved,Breathing in the day and night air...My head up, knowing Daddy was wrong...Remember how that was me?

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