This Trip Is Over

This poem is about the end of a friendship.

This Trip Is Over

I sucked your poison out of my veins.

Life is too short to waste time on those who are out to kill you slowly with their actions.

I bleed new blood into my weary veins.

I see the sun again.

The birds sing.

Some doors you have to slam shut and never look back.

You used up all your chances with me.

I will never trust you again.

There is no going back after this.

You spit in my face one too many times.

You went after my boyfriend, which shows you have zero respect for me.

You said unkind words to some of my closest friends, in an attempt to tip the scales in your favor.

I was a fool to give you chance after chance to be a better person and make it up to me.

My trust has been forever broken.

I have moved on and I am letting go.

This paper lantern will blow through the wind alone.

You only care about yourself.

Your selfishness will only gain you loneliness and no friends.

You tried to buy my love with small tokens.

My time can not be purchased with material items.

Like a cheap pair of shoes, this friendship is worn out and everyone can see the holes in it.

I see right through your intentions and I know that you used me to get from place to place.

I know that you latched onto me when you found me useful and let go when you found new blood to attach yourself to.

You are a leech and a user.

You are a chameleon that adapts to your surroundings but when left alone in a room alone you lose your mind without someone else to copy your views from.

I will not be a fool again and I will be much more careful in the future about who I open up to and trust with my secrets.

Taking you back was about damage control.

I attempted to be the bigger person and forgive you from your past mistakes.

I ignored the warns of those who were once close to you about how selfish and cruel you are to those you claim as friends and about how you will throw anyone under the bus if it is to your advantage.

I will not drink the poison from the goblet you handed me.

I will not continue to consume the hateful words you say to me.

My heart was always in the right place.

I took you under my wing and tried to help you heal your wounds.

I cared too much about you and lost time for myself in the process.

I hope some day you realize you get nowhere in life by poisoning innocent people.

I hope some day you drink our of your own goblet and taste just how bitter your poison truly is.

Until then I am taking a one-way ticket as far away from you as I can get and will not be accepting subway tokens to come back to your neighborhood.

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