Things and other ways of dying

how you shouldn't give up love

Things and other ways of dying
Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

When I die

Bury me beneath on a bed of breaths

So that as my body decays I turn into whispers instead of flowers

I’ve learned that whispers last a little longer

Even if I have no idea what was being said I’ll still think about

Those steamy words that could drown me

When you die

I’ll bury you beneath a bed of roses

Your collarbones

Like sharp edges in the night will smell of rose water and youth

Your vanity will follow you into the afterlife and even as time wears on your skin

You will cover it in more doubts of yourself

When we die

Our souls will intertwine in a spiral of colors

Or at least as “soulmates” do

Your cauliflower eyes and my lavender smile will create something new and better than ourselves

Our story does not end here it ends when you stop dancing

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