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A dream

By Desiree WetzPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Anastasia Taioglou on Unsplash

There’s a shift in the winds,

A thieving feeling in the air,

My body shakes with the nerves.

I dance a long the sand on the beach,

Shake off that feeling of my life irrevocably changing,

The salty air fills my lungs.

I breathe in and let my feet sink in more, I pick up some shells,

But quickly feed it back to the waves.

I twirl and stumble,

As I am about to fall,

I look up.

A man stands tall,

His eyes pierce mine,

A promise of forever makes my heart seize.

My body tingles,

My feet squeeze,

I finally find a breath.

Your blue eyes pierce me,

Promises unspoken,

I wake up from my dream.

I can’t slow my heart,

I hold onto my knees,

I forget everything about the dream except blue.

I shake it off,

I have to find my sleep again,

But this feels important.

The weeks fly,

I finally find the courage,

I walk on the sands.

Even though I tell myself not to hope,

My heart beats anxiously,

There is the thief with his blue eyes piercing me.

I blink once,


And finally accept you found me.

Your eyes smile,

“What took you so long?”

The question startles me.

I take a steadying breath,

“How long have you been waiting?” I ask.

“Too long.”

You smile with a laugh,

“It’s no longer just a dream.”

I move closer,

Until our chests meet,

And place my hand on your cheek.

“Thief.” I whisper, “You stole my heart in a dream.”

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About the Creator

Desiree Wetz

I have been intrigued with writing since I was twelve years old. At first, it was poetry but then in morphed into a love of fiction, fantasy, and adventure. When I'm not writing stories, I am running wild with my family.

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