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There Was Once A Time...

An ode

By Alexandra LaceyPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
There Was Once A Time...
Photo by Jilbert Ebrahimi on Unsplash

When happy movies with feelings of elation were a pure requirement in her book. Sadness felt like an abyss, a consumption of the soul you could never truly return from.

She despised faulty endings, moreso loathed any warrant of despair. It is with great irony where she finds herself now. For all that can seem to captivate her are remnants of simply that. Her heart has fallen from the invaders of the past.

The lure of mystery coupled by the psychology of hurt presents itself in every corner. All that seems to hold her attention are answers to the ghosts of the past.

How can she move forward, with so many unanswered inquisitions? For her memory fails her where love should have been. She never did get that chance, to truly know the difference. It was ripped from her youthful grasp, as she rocked herself into solace. Safety was not a feature her mind has ever held. For it races faster than any heart could ever tell.

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About the Creator

Alexandra Lacey

Los Angeles >>> Las Vegas

I am a young entrepreneur with lots of stories and experiences to share! I have been on my own the majority of my young adult life, and love offering tips and tricks on how to make it in this world.

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