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There are Things Much More Wonderful than Plain Mathematics

A Silly Poem

By M. Rigby BaringtonPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
Image Credit: Garik Barseghyan

I’ve never cared for numbers

Equations or division

Deciding not to like these things

Was not a hard decision—

Why would one ever want to

Study quadratics

When there are things much

more wonderful than plain mathematics?

Take for example a hummingbird wing

Rippling with many mini muscles

under minute avian skin— what a thing!

What a thing! What a curious thing!

Mathematics could never capture this feeling.

Or if it’s more up your alley, a trumpet of brass

That can play notes high and low

I’ve heard it said that musicians are gifted

In music, where does mathematics go?

Even the very beauty

Of a warm summer’s afternoon

Is matched not by fractions,

Or formulas of any sort—

But by the world around us both,

And the feeling of being warm.


About the Creator

M. Rigby Barington

A young wannabe wordsmith. Poems and tales.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran6 months ago

    Lol, this was a fun one! Loved your poem!

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