Theo and Luke's PawPaw

by Richard Bowen 6 months ago in art

Old man

Theo and Luke's PawPaw

Here I am sitting outside

do you see the gun on the ground?

Behind me to the left is the sand box

I built the swing set and put together the bench

Holly's Zen garden is behind me

There is a brown water hose under the gun

That trailer house behind me is vacant, it burned

I love my grandchildren

They are Theodore age 7 1/2 and Luke 4 1/2

We celebrated their half birthdays last weekend

The t shirt I have on is from Unitarian Universalists

Richard Bowen
Richard Bowen
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Richard Bowen

I am 65 year old hippy. I am retired, and at last I have a steady income. My wife and I have 4 sons and 2 grandsons. I live in Northeast Arkansas. I have no car but I have 2 Bachelor degrees.One in Psychology, the other in Social Work.

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