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Then and Than

Our Language - as seen from the other side.

By Nick JamesPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

My missus mixes "then" and "than"

She says that the ear of the Englishman

May hear different sounds but the Slavonic mind

Interprets them both as a similar kind.

"My darling sweet, I have a plan

By the use of which I believe we can

Make learning this thing much more more easy for you."

She said, "Oh brightest of men! - please see what you can do!"

So I sat and I thought and then by and by,

Ideas came on wings they were flying so spry.

"thEn" is the word that describes some EvEnts

sEquEntial in time or in consEquEncE

And all of those words they have lots of EEs

You can count them yourself if only you please.

While a "thAn" links compArative notions you see;

Relates relevant things in respective degree.

What's better than faster than this simple pathway?

"compArison" and "thAn" share a singular trait!

For both have an A and neither an E.

By this time I was jumping with spark-A-ling glee.

My honey-pie smiled and I heard her shout,

"You're brilliant my darling - you must write that out!"

So I wrote it all down with my favourite pen

And pinned it all up with a thumbtack and then

She read it out once, and then once more and said,

"Now that will certainly stick in my head!"

Her eyes became misty and softer and swirlier,

As she thought back to our wedding eleven years earlier.

"How lucky I am - you're the wisest of men!

in fact, wiser THAN wise, I'm glad I married you THEN."


About the Creator

Nick James

Illustrator, traveller, and writer. Formerly architect and company director.

Lover of all things beautiful, both real and abstract.

Better do small things well, than do great things with mediocrity. Enjoy what you do, and do lots of it.

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