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The winds guide you where you need to be

by Rambler's Society 8 months ago in inspirational

A poem

The winds guide you where you need to be
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It’s fascinating watching the mind grow as someone on the outside looking in. Observing others is a skill that feels rewarding at first, but with every step, it becomes more and more clear how naïve you are.

I believe there are steps everyone hits in their life, phases if you will, that are huge milestones. Steps of independence, faith, structure, learning to stand up for yourself and when you don't need to.

There are so many more. The list really could go on forever. Time has a funny way of pulling the strings and watching them play at the same time.

Just observing, thinking, acting. Time is beautiful in that way.

I implore you to be patient and let time take you on a ride called life. Let it pull its strings, and at some point, you will resist. With resistance comes more pulling.

More pulling comes, more change. More change results in less pulling. It’s a process that mirrors the ocean, with its pushing and pulling off the tides. Forever in a balance that could never fully sit still.

Unlike the ocean, humans don’t live forever.


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Rambler's Society

Hello everyone! I write fictional surreal stories and poems. I love writing and I hope that you enjoy reading what I've to offer. I have plenty more written down on my website so I'd love it if you'd go check it out!


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