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The Willow Tree

Guardian of Memories

By CadenPublished about a month ago 1 min read

In the heart of a serene meadow, where whispers weave,
Stands a wise old willow, its branches to receive.
Beneath its gentle boughs, a world unfurls,
A tapestry of memories, where time twirls.

Each leaf, a page in its book of life,
Each branch, a storyteller in the strife.
In the soft embrace of its shadow, lovers once waltzed,
Their laughter like music, forever exalted.

Beneath its roots, secrets whispered by the earth,
Echoes of cherished moments, where memories find rebirth.
The river of time flows gently by,
Reflecting the willow's understanding eye.

For every tear that falls like rain,
A memory blossoms, easing the pain.
Though the years may come and go,
The willow's memories continue to grow.

So let us linger beneath its welcoming shade,
And share our stories, unafraid.
For in the arms of the willow tree,
We find comfort in its empathy.

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    CWritten by Caden

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