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The Whisper in My Ear 

Secrets from afar

By Colleen Millsteed Published 7 months ago 1 min read
Image courtesy of Pixabay

“Psst, psst, are you listening?

Do you want to hear a secret?”

I search the vicinity around me,


I am alone!


“Psst, psst, I’m invisible, you can’t see me silly!”

My head spins in every direction.


Am I going insane, I ponder?

I’m hearing voices when no one is around,

Words quietly whispered in my ear,

But there’s no one to make a sound.


“Psst, listen carefully,

I can tell you tales of anomalies I’ve seen on the tallest mountains,

Or misadventures in the most secluded rainforests,

Stories of fun loving in the most famous of fountains,

Or even the secrets of the worldly and famous celebrities.”


My head is spinning,

I’m totally confused,

As I listen carefully,

To the stories that keep me amused.


I laugh at the nuances,

Cry at the horrid deaths of those once living,

Stand muted at the unbelievable mysteries,

And feel my heart swell hearing of the love and forgiving.


But who is here with me?

Who whispers delightfully into my ear?


I hear a loud sigh at my questions

Much to my chagrined,

Then I hear the whispered words in my ear,

“I am the gale force of destruction, the whisper in the trees,

The gentle kiss upon your brow, the silken touch upon your skin,

I’m invisible to the eye, but you know me by feel,

I’m the essence of afar, the scents of the exotic,

I am the glorious almighty wind.”

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About the Creator

Colleen Millsteed

My first love is poetry — it’s like a desperate need to write, to free up space in my mind, to escape the constant noise in my head. Most of the time the poems write themselves — I’m just the conduit holding the metaphorical pen.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran7 months ago

    Oooo, this was so awesomeeee! I wanna hear stories from the wind too!

  • Manisha Dhalani7 months ago

    Wow, this was really good!

  • Linda Rivenbark7 months ago

    That was so beautiful, I had to read it twice. It sounds like a story about your muse. From reading your work, I would say.your muse does a great job. The picture is awesome, too?

  • This one is Outstanding 😉✌️🧡💯

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