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The Wear on Our Wings - Part Two

While carried, did we not choose?

By Kris LelielPublished about a year ago 1 min read
The Wear on Our Wings - Part Two
Photo by Ana Bórquez on Unsplash

Owning our fate

with daring dreams

waxes and wanes

when we blame

other gods or forces beyond

for the wear on our wings.

Whomever released aeonian breath

beneath our newborn feathers

hoped chaos carried us

to despair.

While carried,

martyrs grounded themselves in worship.

While carried,

demigods roared with abandon.

While carried,

my passions grew oceanic.

While carried,

did we not choose?

Owning our fate was more

than eternally dreaming

of whatever reality

we blame gods and chaos for.

We must own

the wear on our wings

to transmute this breath

and the lashes of chaos

into freedom;



Part One: Winged or "The Wear on Our Wings - Part One"

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About the Creator

Kris Leliel

Kris Leliel is a strange writer who posts about the occult and spirituality, goth stuff, horror, creative writing, mental health, and her own creative ventures. She has a Masters in Liberal Studies and a BA in English & Psychology.

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