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A poem.

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Born to fly,

wingspans stretch.

Owning our fate

with daring dreams.

Ascending, descending,

and blaming the gods

for cursing our crashes.

’Til our spirits summon everlasting breath

beneath our worn feathers,

winds of chaos

carry us forever.

While carried, we watch

some fall;

grounded in worship

to legally bound.

While carried, we watch

demigods soar,

abandoning the gods

with rebellious roars.

While carried, we catch

our reflection beaming

in oceanic minds

of depth and reeling.

Born to fly,

ascending, descending,

owning our fate

or eternally dreaming

of whatever reality

winds of chaos bring.

At least we own

the wear on our wings.

surreal poetry
Kris Leliel - Authentikei
Kris Leliel - Authentikei
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Kris Leliel - Authentikei

Kris Leliel, mystic and creative spirit, loves to write about metaphysics, the occult, and literature, especially horror. Their debut horror short, "Autonomy Bleeds Black" is available on Kindle and other eBook platforms.


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