The Voices

His Story

The Voices

All his doing is storytelling

These voices in his head keep on yelling

They only care about what he is wearing

Not the stories he is telling

From what's on his feet to what’s on his head

They don’t know he screams every night in his bed

And if he dies before his time

Will they remember him for all the good he did

Or will he known for all the mistakes he made

Will they know him for all hate got

After he was crowned the G.O.A.T

Will they remember me

Or maybe he will be forgotten

And all his stories will become legend

All the legends become myths

And myths will become dust

They’ll become Past Memories

Memories that he once had

He may not write about nice cars, all his wealth, ass shaking or money making

He writes about what kept up all night screaming and yelling

All voices theses in his head, man they keep on yelling

He writes nothing but truth

His storytelling,

They beg him not to be savage

Yet they force him to keep a hundred

Make your minds up!!!

These voices in his head

Only he can hear them

Goes to church every sunday

Was taught that these are God’s children

Asks then why to do they act

Act as if they created just to sex and get wasted

These voices in his head keep on yelling and yelling

So please keep in mind that he’s storytelling

Damn, the stories he’s telling

Are these what the voices that keep on yelling

slam poetry
Mwitwa Lupikisha
Mwitwa Lupikisha
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