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The Unseen Score

Reflections on Exam Results

By Nicholson CarryPublished 27 days ago 1 min read

In silent halls where echoes rest,

The papers mark our human quest,

Numbers carved in black and white,

Reveal a story, day and night.

A journey told in sleepless hours,

In ink and sweat, in mental towers,

Yet hidden 'neath the printed line,

A spirit strives, a heart divine.

Some will see a shining fate,

The pinnacle of effort great,

Others face a darker shade,

Where hopes and fears are softly weighed.

But deeper than these transient signs,

Lie lessons learned through countless tries,

In every failure, every win,

The essence of our souls begin.

For numbers cannot gauge the fire,

The burning heart, the deep desire,

The laughter shared, the tears we shed,

The silent thoughts, the words unsaid.

In every mark, a hidden lore,

Of dreams that push us to explore,

Beyond the grades, beyond the frame,

Lies the essence, just the same.

So let the scores reflect a part,

But not the whole of mind and heart,

For in each life, a boundless sea,

Of possibility and destiny.

With each result, a door swings wide,

To paths unknown, where hopes abide,

For every end, a fresh new start,

In the uncharted realms of art.

The unseen score, the secret thread,

Lies in the courage to forge ahead,

For in the dance of joy and strife,

Lie the true results of life.

- Carry


About the Creator

Nicholson Carry

Hi, I write in my part time. I love writing about exams and education. Currently I am working on UPSC result.

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