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Beyond the Numbers

A Poem on Exam Results

By Nicholson CarryPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

In the quiet before the dawn,

Where dreams and fears are drawn,

Lies a moment sharp and clear,

The results of a journey, near.

Numbers whisper tales untold,

Of sleepless nights and courage bold,

Ink and paper, a cold decree,

Of what was learned, of what could be.

In the glow of morning's light,

A screen illuminates the night,

Digits dance, emotions rise,

In hopeful hearts and weary eyes.

For some, a symphony of cheer,

The culmination of a year,

For others, shadows cast a pall,

Yet still they stand, yet still they call.

For in these scores, a life unfolds,

In myriad ways, in stories bold,

Beyond the grades, a deeper tale,

Of grit and growth, of hearts that sail.

The measure of a soul's ascent,

Is not in marks or time well spent,

But in the strength to face each day,

To learn, to fail, to find one's way.

So let the numbers speak their part,

But keep their weight light on your heart,

For every end, a new start blooms,

In classrooms, fields, and quiet rooms.

The essence of the quest remains,

In joys, in losses, in the gains,

For life itself, a test anew,

And every step, a point of view.

So face the results with head held high,

For in your spirit, you will fly,

Beyond the grades, beyond the test,

In the boundless realm of your own quest.

- Carry


About the Creator

Nicholson Carry

Hi, I write in my part time. I love writing about exams and education. Currently I am working on UPSC result.

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    Nicholson CarryWritten by Nicholson Carry

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