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"The Triumph Within''

"Still I Rise

By evansPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
"The Triumph Within''
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In the face of darkness, I emerge with might,

A phoenix ascending from the depths of night.

With unwavering spirit, I conquer the skies,

For I am the embodiment of "Still I Rise."


Through trials and tribulations, I have grown,

From the seeds of adversity, strength I have sown.

Though burdened by chains of prejudice and hate,

I defy their limitations, for I won't abate.


You may write me off as insignificant, they say,

But like the sun, I'll rise with each new day.

No matter the obstacles, I'll soar above,

Fueled by resilience, bound by love.


Like the moon, I'll illuminate the darkest hour,

Defying gravity, I'll rise higher and higher.

Shattering barriers, I'll break through the ceiling,

Leaving behind a legacy that's ever-revealing.


With the echoes of history's struggles in my voice,

I stand tall, unyielding, making my choice.

I am the dream of ancestors, the hope of tomorrow,

A symbol of resilience, conquering sorrow.


From the ashes of despair, I'll find my way,

For I am a survivor, and I'm here to stay.

The scars on my heart, the wounds on my soul,

Only make me stronger, make me whole.


You may taunt and judge with disdain in your eyes,

But your words won't diminish my fiery rise.

For I am a warrior, a force to be reckoned,

With an indomitable spirit that won't be second.


I am the song of triumph, the anthem of grace,

A testament to the strength of the human race.

Through trials and setbacks, I'll never be shaken,

For my spirit's unbreakable, it cannot be taken.


So try to bury me in the depths of your scorn,

But like a phoenix, I'll rise, reborn.

I'll spread my wings, reaching for the sky,

Defying gravity, embracing the why.


I am the dreamer, the seeker of dreams,

The one who believes in the power of schemes.

With resilience as my armor, I'll face any strife,

For I am the embodiment of "Still I Rise."


In the face of adversity, I stand tall,

Like a mighty oak, unyielding, I won't fall.

Through every battle, I'll conquer and thrive,

For within me burns the eternal fire of "Still I Rise."

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