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The town I love

My home is a place that was built into a mountain

By Amethyst HayesPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

My home is a place that was built into a mountain

surrounded by other mountains

Mountains so Giant

They make you feel so small

All the mountains are volcanoes

They are all dormant asleep might you say

So you don’t need to worry

There will be no lava days

My home is in a forest, surrounded by so much green

So many trees to see so many different verities

From ponderosa pines that are green year around

To the aspens that leaves turn gold and then fall

The sunsets are amazing

They color up the sky

From reds to oranges

From pinks to purples

The sky of many colors

A sunset rainbow as you may

Something you wish would last forever

The nights are so beautiful

So quiet is the night

So many stars that light up the sky

How nice to have an observatory

Because this town has low light pollution

To better see the night and all that comes with it

Seeing the stars is what I love the most

You go up a hill and see the whole town

So many little lights below

One of the best places to go

Morning or night you can see

The whole town just a little below

It is such a sight to see

A place so big but also small

If you go just a little out of town

In either direction

You will run into the forest

You can go on a hike

You can go camping too

Without driving too far away

Surrounded by all the nature

What could be better?

All four seasons to see

Winter full of white snow

Spring full of lovely flowers

Summers so warm you could stay outside forever

Autumn so colorful the trees are all you see

People skiing in the winter snow

Picking sunflowers in the spring

Hiking in the summer heat

Taking pictures in the fall leaves

Just an hour and a half away

from one of the worlds natural wonders

The grand canyon is the sight

An amazing thing to see

Nature all around you

So many different birds to see

Deers during a small drive down the road

Wildflowers around every corner

Crips fresh mountain air

Beautiful night skies

Unbelievable sunsets

Nature right outside your door

I am happy to call this place my home

Peaceful yet exciting

A great place to grow up

So much to do

So much to see

A place you can play

A place you can just be a kid

Outside is where I spent my days

Playing pretend in the trees

Climb so high I could see everything

Played until the street lights came on

Oh what a place to grow up

Nice where the neighbors

So much love around

Quick were the drives

Unless you got stopped by a train

The trains went through town often

Blowing their horns so loud

My town is changing every year

Slowly turning into a city

The lights are becoming brighter

The stars are slowly disappearing

The trees are going away

Making room for the new buildings

The traffic is becoming heavier

Quick drives are harder to do

Not as quiet as it used to be

Sometimes the noises are too much

my town is not what it use to be

Even though things are changing

Somethings will remain the same

Like the snow that covers the ground in winter

The colorful flowers in the spring

The ever-changing fall leaves on the trees

The nice weather in the summer

The mountains that surround us

The forest near us

The animals that you see when you drive

the beautiful sunsets every evening

Even as some things change

My home is still with me

Even if I leave someday

The memories are still with me

Memories are my home

Like the old saying goes

Homes is where the heart is

My heart is with my memories

nature poetry

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Amethyst Hayes

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