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The Thrill of a Life Unbound

"Experience the Freedom of Unconstrained Living"

By Vicky TenthPublished 2 months ago 2 min read
The Thrill of a Life Unbound
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Once a man of the sea,

He sought a life of ease and glee,

But his existence was a joke,

As he could not find a single stroke.

He tried to make a living,

But all his efforts were not giving,

As his ambitions so grand,

Were wilting in the sand.

His heart was so heavy,

He had no one to turn to,

And so he looked to the sky,

To seek his answers on high.

He asked the stars and moon,

To show him what was to come soon,

But all their answers were unclear,

And so he felt so much fear.

He wanted to know his fate,

But he felt so much hate,

For he knew no matter what,

He'd have to pay for his own rot.

He thought he'd ask the gods,

If they could take away his odds,

But the gods said no,

And chuckled at his woe.

He knew he had to take action,

And make a plan of satisfaction,

But he could not think of how,

To make his fortune now.

He figured he'd try his luck,

And turn to a pen and paper,

To write of his woes,

And make a story he knows.

He wrote of his misfortunes,

And made the people laugh,

At his comical plight,

That seemed to make things right.

He wrote of his loves,

And the people so moved,

They threw him some coins,

And told him his fate was his own.

He was so surprised,

By the kindness of their eyes,

He figured he'd give it a try,

And he'd see what he could buy.

And so he used the money,

To try and make his life sunny,

But it seemed no matter what,

His luck still had no luck.

He was so frustrated,

And his heart so broken,

That he decided to take a chance,

And try a new romance.

He asked the gods for help,

And they gave him a yelp,

They showed him the way,

To make his luck today.

He looked to the stars,

And made his best wager,

And with a new hope,

He wrote his story in prose.

He wrote of his dreams,

And his hopes and schemes,

And the people were moved,

By his unique words of love.

The people laughed and cried,

At his tales of joy and strife,

As they saw his life unfold,

In poetic and wonderful ways.

And so he became a star,

As he wrote his stories afar,

And through his words and tales,

He found his fortune and sails.

And so the man of the sea,

Found his luck and glee,

As he looked to the sky,

And found all his answers on high.

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  • Robert Ayers2 months ago

    wonderful poetic lines

  • Atalia Foster2 months ago


  • Kim2 months ago

    I love this

  • Kendall Defoe2 months ago

    And what were those answers? ;) I really liked this one...

  • so beautiful, i loved the rhyme tempo while it still kept my attention

  • Brian Grady2 months ago

    fun read, great storytelling

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