The Thoughts that Haunt Me at Night

by Ash Stevens about a year ago in love poems

A Poem

The Thoughts that Haunt Me at Night

It's amazing,

The thoughts that come at night.

They flow in through the window of my mind,

Making almost everything seem right.

I cannot say why I feel stuck in this bind with you,

But I am and so

I am stuck, this is true.

The thoughts wrap around me like arms,

Pull me close, caress me sweetly.

It's almost as though you are here with me.

Alas, you are not, it is just me and this sky.

The stars twinkle like the light in your eyes

And I cannot help but wonder,

Do these thoughts greet you too?

When you're alone at night, on the edge of sleep,

Do these thoughts come to you and are they true?

I long for the night when it is not the thoughts that come to me,

But you instead, with strong arms and sweet words

And I won't have to fight my heart because it will be real.

Because the thoughts that haunt me at night

They come tumbling in, snarling teeth that bite.

So I can only long for the night it stops.

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Ash Stevens
Ash Stevens
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